JDMH slime dryer

JDMH slime dryer


Dryer series
        The main products of our company's dryer series are: single-cylinder dryer, double-cylinder dryer. Three-cylinder dryer. Coal slime dryer, lignite dryer, pulverized coal dryer, iron powder dryer, slag dryer, gypsum dryer, river sand dryer, sludge dryer, compound fertilizer dryer , Indirect heating dryer, vertical dryer, tower dryer, oil heat conduction dryer, disc dryer, etc. Our company has a complete range of dryer products, and has continuously adhered to technological innovation for 30 years, making our dryer equipment at the leading level in the domestic industry.

JDMH slime dryer
Working principle of slime dryer
        The slime itself has high humidity and high cohesiveness. During the drying process, the wet slime enters the slime dispersing equipment through the belt conveyor, and the rapidly disintegrated lump slime enters the dryer with negative pressure. , divided into several workspaces:
Guide area
        When the wet slime enters this area and comes into contact with the high temperature negative pressure hot air, a large amount of water is quickly evaporated, and the slime is transferred to the next working area if it does not form a bond under the copying plate with a large lead angle;
clean up area
        In this area, the wet coal slime is in the state of being picked up by the scooping board, and the material is likely to stick to the drum wall when it falls. In this area, because the equipment is designed with a cleaning device, the cleaning device can quickly clean up the coal slime that sticks to the drum wall. , In this process, the cleaning device also plays a role in crushing the agglomeration of material balls, thereby increasing the heat exchange area, improving the efficiency of heat and mass transfer, and improving the drying rate;
Inclined lift plate area
        This area is a low-temperature drying area. The coal slime in this area is in a loose state with low moisture, and there is no bonding phenomenon in this area. After heat exchange, the finished product reaches the required moisture requirement and moves into the final discharge area;
Outlet area
        The drum of the drying machine does not have a copy board in this area, and the material rolls and slides to the discharge port in this area to complete the entire drying process.

Slime dryer use
         Rotary slime dryer is a new type of heat exchange equipment that uses flat plates to dry materials. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and stable performance. It is also suitable for drying and precipitation of other materials. It has a wide range of applications.
         Under the condition that the quality of the dried slime remains unchanged, the first-level drying zone uses downstream high temperature drying. Under the high humidity state, through the inlet temperature of 430C, the heat and mass exchange with the slime is instantaneously carried out to remove most of the Moisture ensures that the calorific value of coal slime does not change, and it is not easy to catch fire;
         The secondary drying area uses countercurrent drying, and the room temperature is 300 °C, which is a high-yield water removal area, which ensures that the surface of the slime will not be coked during the rotary drying process;
         The third-stage drying area is a normal drying area, and the inner temperature is 120 ℃ -210 ℃. It uses the crushing device in the drum to repeatedly tear, impact, and sprinkle, and dry downstream;
         The fourth-stage drying is to remove water by the high-temperature hot air flow of the shell pressure by the action of the induced wind. It is a high exhaust area, and the room temperature is 60 ℃ -80 ℃. Through the above operations, the calorific value of the slime after drying is higher than that before drying, and the moisture content is less than 8%, which has the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption.
         The series of new energy-saving dryers produced by our company have complete specifications and models. According to the diameter of the cylinder, they are Φ1.2m, Φ1.5m, Φ1.8m, Φ2.0m, Φ2.2m, Φ2.4m, Φ2.6m , Φ2.8m, Φ3.0m, Φ3.2m, Φ3.4m, Φ4.0m, etc. The length of the cylinder is 8m, 10m...35m and other specifications, and can also be produced according to the length of the user's needs; The transmission form is divided into right side and left side (viewed from the feeding end), and the transmission configuration on the right side is not specified in the contract; according to the bearing capacity, the transmission device has direct connection type and pinion assembly type; for the convenience of transportation , installation, when the cylinder is long, it adopts split processing, on-site docking and integral type.

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