JDGH indirect heating dryer

JDGH indirect heating dryer


Dryer series
        The main products of our company's dryer series are: single-cylinder dryer, double-cylinder dryer. Three-cylinder dryer. Coal slime dryer, lignite dryer, pulverized coal dryer, iron powder dryer, slag dryer, gypsum dryer, river sand dryer, sludge dryer, compound fertilizer dryer , Indirect heating dryer, vertical dryer, tower dryer, oil heat conduction dryer, disc dryer, etc. Our company has a complete range of dryer products, and has continuously adhered to technological innovation for 30 years, making our dryer equipment at the leading level in the domestic industry.

JDGH indirect heating dryer
        The indirect dryer is mainly used for drying materials with a certain humidity or particle size in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other departments. The indirect heat transfer energy-saving dryer has strong adaptability to materials, can dry various materials, and the equipment operation is simple and reliable.
Structure and working principle
        This machine is a drying equipment whose main body is slightly inclined and can be rotated. The kiln body is from the inside. It consists of two outer cylinders. The outer cylinder is provided with a smoke return pipe, the flue gas passes through the inner cylinder, is folded into the smoke return pipe from the product outlet end, and then discharged from the raw material supply end; the wet material is added from the exhaust hood. Due to the inclination of the kiln body, the materials are heated by conduction and radiation indirectly between the fire tube and the metal wall of the smoke return pipe to dry them. The machine has high thermal efficiency and is currently a widely used drying equipment.
        The indirect heat transfer energy-saving dryer has the advantages of reasonable design and structure, excellent production, high output, low energy consumption and convenient operation. It has strong adaptability to materials, can dry various materials, and the equipment is simple and reliable to operate.
Indirect heat transfer dryer technical parameters

Specifications Outer cylinder inner diameter Inner cylinder inner diameter barrel length Cylinder volume Cylinder slope Lifting plate form Maximum intake air temperature Dimensions(m)
¢1.5×15m 1500mm 500mm 15m


3-5% 升举式 850℃


¢1.5×17m 17m -- 18.2×2.7×2.7
¢1.5×19m 19m -- 20.0×2.9×2.9
¢1.8×21m 1800mm 650mm 21m -- 3-5% 升举式 850℃ 22.5×2.7×2.7
¢1.8×23m 23m -- 24.5×2.9×2.9
¢1.8×25m 25m -- 26.5×2.9×2.9
¢2.2×21m 2200mm 800mm 21m -- 3-5% 升举式 850℃ ----
¢2.2×23m 23m --
¢2.2×25m 25m --

         The series of new energy-saving dryers produced by our company have complete specifications and models. According to the diameter of the cylinder, they are Φ1.2m, Φ1.5m, Φ1.8m, Φ2.0m, Φ2.2m, Φ2.4m, Φ2.6m , Φ2.8m, Φ3.0m, Φ3.2m, Φ3.4m, Φ4.0m, etc. The length of the cylinder is 8m, 10m...35m and other specifications, and can also be produced according to the length of the user's needs; The transmission form is divided into right side and left side (viewed from the feeding end), and the transmission configuration on the right side is not specified in the contract; according to the bearing capacity, the transmission device has direct connection type and pinion assembly type; in order to facilitate transportation , installation, when the cylinder is long, it adopts split processing, on-site docking and integral type.

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