JDTH twin cylinder dryer

JDTH twin cylinder dryer


Dryer series
        The main products of our company's dryer series are: single-cylinder dryer, double-cylinder dryer. Three-cylinder dryer. Coal slime dryer, lignite dryer, pulverized coal dryer, iron powder dryer, slag dryer, gypsum dryer, river sand dryer, sludge dryer, compound fertilizer dryer , Indirect heating dryer, vertical dryer, tower dryer, oil heat conduction dryer, disc dryer, etc. Our company has a complete range of dryer products, and has continuously adhered to technological innovation for 30 years, making our dryer equipment at the leading level in the domestic industry.

JDTH twin cylinder dryer

Technical introduction
        The double-cylinder dryer is a direct rotary dryer, which is mainly composed of an inner cylinder, an outer cylinder, a roller, a belt support device, a transmission device, a feed air inlet, a discharge air outlet sealing device, etc. constitute.
1. The double-cylinder dryer has high thermal efficiency and significant energy-saving effect. After testing, the thermal efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional single-cylinder dryer by about 50%. After the equipment is put into operation, the coal saving effect is remarkable.
2. The length of the machine is shortened, which is beneficial to the process layout. The length of the whole machine is about 40% shorter than that of the single-cylinder dryer, thereby reducing the construction area of ​​the factory building and saving engineering investment. It is more suitable for the process layout of the old factory renovation.
3. The machine adopts the co-current drying process of material and hot air flow, and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for drying various raw materials such as clay, coal, slag, iron powder, etc. It is also suitable for drying various bulk materials in metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments.
4. The external surface area of ​​the machine is reduced by more than 30% compared with the single-cylinder rotary dryer, and the outer cylinder has a thermal insulation effect on the inner cylinder, the surface temperature of the outer cylinder is low, and the heat loss is small. the working environment and working conditions.
5. A variety of lifting plate designs, the organic combination of the angular lifting plate and the 4D lifting plate, makes the material and hot flue gas exchange more fully, and reduces the mechanism of the "wind tunnel" in the dryer cylinder.
6. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, adjust the cylinder speed, according to the water entering the machine and the output requirements, adopt the appropriate speed to ensure the needs of the next process.

Specifications Yield(t/h) coal consumption(kg/tons of dry material) power(kw) Thermal efficiency(%)
¢2.4×6m 20-30 8-10 15-6 >75
¢2.6×6.5m 25-35 8-10 18.5-6 >75
¢2.8×7.5m 30-45 8-10 22-6 >75
¢3.0×8.5m 40-55 8-10 30-6 >75
¢3.2×8.5m 45-70 8-10 37-4 >80
¢3.4×8.5m 50-75 8-10 37-6 >80
¢3.6×11m 55-90 8-10 45-4 >80

        The series of new energy-saving dryers produced by our company have complete specifications and models. According to the diameter of the cylinder, they are Φ1.2m, Φ1.5m, Φ1.8m, Φ2.0m, Φ2.2m, Φ2.4m, Φ2.6m , Φ2.8m, Φ3.0m, Φ3.2m, Φ3.4m, Φ4.0m, etc. The length of the cylinder is 8m, 10m...35m and other specifications, and can also be produced according to the length of the user's needs; The transmission form is divided into right side and left side (viewed from the feeding end), and the transmission configuration on the right side is not specified in the contract; according to the bearing capacity, the transmission device has direct connection type and pinion assembly type; in order to facilitate transportation , installation, when the cylinder is long, it adopts split processing, on-site docking and integral type.


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