JDSL hot air kiln (mesh bag drying equipment)

JDSL hot air kiln (mesh bag drying equipment)


JDSL hot air kiln (mesh bag drying equipment)

        The mesh belt drying equipment consists of several units, which can dry the materials with a certain thickness laid on the moving mesh belt by hot air. Hot air can be recycled.

         The mesh belt drying equipment is composed of stainless steel mesh belt, box, transmission device, feeding device and heating device.

         Mesh belt drying equipment, the mesh belt is made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel mesh, which is driven by the transmission device and circulates in the dryer. The dryer is composed of several units, and each unit circulates independently with hot air. A special exhaust fan is used to discharge, and the amount of exhaust gas discharged from each unit is controlled by a regulating valve. In the initial stage of drying, the air from the circulating fan enters the lower part from the side air duct. The airflow is heated up through the heat exchanger, and after being classified by the distributor, it is blown to the mesh belt in a jet stream, and then enters the upper part after passing through the material. The hot air passes through the material layer to complete the heat transfer and mass transfer drying process. The wet air is discharged by the fan, and most of it is still circulated by the fan. In the later stage of drying, the fan goes to the upper heat exchanger and then passes through the material layer and enters the lower part, and it can also be partially circulated and partially discharged.

        The feature of this equipment is that the distributor and the circulating fan make the hot air flow through the pieces, and the drying effect is good. When the initial moisture content of the decoction pieces is high, multiple mesh belt dryers can be connected in series or a single mesh belt dryer with a longer total length can be made. A single mesh belt machine with a length of 15m has 3 side doors for observing and cleaning the material. The first door is a circulating fan, so that the material can get good heat exchange in the wet state.

        Mesh belt dryers with drying areas of 16m and 20m', respectively, are heated by steam heat generators. The running speed of the 5-layer mesh belt can be adjusted respectively, and the whole drying time: 24~96min for the 16 type, 20~130min for the 20 type.
        Small mesh belt dryer, effective drying layer is 4 layers, drying area is 1~8m''. The heat source is heated by an electric heating tube, and some are equipped with a hot blast stove. The running speed of each layer of mesh belts can also be adjusted separately. In order to maintain the flatness of the net, it is best to use a double-layer mesh belt structure of coarse and fine meshes. The basic structure and working principle are similar to the traditional overturned plate dryer.

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