JDLY vertical lime kiln

JDLY vertical lime kiln


Rotary Kiln Series

         Rotary kilns are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractories, environmental protection and other industries. The main products of our rotary kiln equipment series are: lime rotary kiln, active lime rotary kiln, cement rotary kiln, metal magnesium rotary kiln, zinc oxide rotary kiln , ceramsite sand rotary kiln, bauxite rotary kiln, kaolin rotary kiln, etc.

JDLY vertical lime kiln

         JDLY vertical lime kiln can be divided into gas fired lime kiln, coal fired lime kiln and mixed fired lime kiln.

Gas lime kiln equipment:
         gas burner - gas burner - gas nozzle - planetary ash discharge valve - feeding truck - fan - feeding hoist. It is suitable for lime kiln production such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, gas generator gas, blue carbon gas and natural gas. Suitable for 100m3-210m3 gas lime kiln production.

Coal-fired lime kiln equipment:
          furnace top rotary distributor—six-point rotary distributor—disc ash unloader-cone ash unloader—vibration ash unloader—planetary ash unloader—furnace bottom air distribution device—computer simulation air cap—lime Special dust collector for kiln - gas purification device - feeding device - finished product screening device. It is suitable for the production of co-fired lime kilns such as coal, coke and coke diced. Suitable for 100m3-580m3 coal-fired lime kiln production.

Device Features
●Stove top rotary distributor - six-point rotary distributor
Features:continuous, intermittent, fixed-point, multi-point distribution. Main structure: upper material bell seal, middle gear disc drive, liquid-solid mixing seal, lower rotating chute. Function: It can reasonably fabricate and control materials, and can effectively solve the problems of raw burning, partial burning, overburning, partial material and so on. It can effectively reduce the proportion of coal burning.
●Disc ash unloader-cone ash unloader-vibration ash unloader-planet ash unloader
Features: It can effectively realize fixed-point, timing, intermittent and continuous ash discharge at the bottom of lime kiln.
●Furnace bottom air distribution device, computer simulation air cap
Features: It can reasonably and uniformly control the furnace bottom air volume distribution, travel, and equalize pressure operation, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of burning and overburning.
●Special dust collector for lime kiln
Features: water-sealed water mist dust collector, multi-tube dust collector, bag dust collector, etc. There can be double elimination of white ash kiln top, bottom and post soot.
●Gas purification device
●Feeding device
Features: inclined bridge feeder device, bucket elevator, inclined bridge weight reduction counterweight feeder device, hoist device.
● Finished product screening device
Features: vibrating screening machine, rolling cage screening machine, etc.

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